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L&D Waterworks Inc has more than 15 years of experience with fire hydrant-related services and a reliable friend when it comes to their repair, maintenance or installation. We service fire hydrants for all types of clients including commercial, residential and municipal clients in Mississauga. 

Across all the jobs that we have taken up, we have made sure that we use advanced tools, materials and parts so that our clients get what they pay for. We follow the standard practices relevant in the field for flow testing in Mississauga. You can reach out to us anytime as we provide 24-hour emergency services.


Get Affordable Fire Hydrant Testing in Mississauga

Reasons for Fire Hydrant Testing in Mississauga

Here is why you should get your fire hydrant tested: 

Ensure it is still operable

Ensure reliable performance

Check water flow

Avoid liability issues

Determine if sediment and foreign material need to be removed

Our Fire Hydrant Services in Mississauga

Regardless of the type of fire hydrant service you are looking for, Mississauga customers can confide in us for trustworthy fixes, replacements and upkeep. Our services include:

Post indicator inspection and repairs

Fire hydrant repairs and replacements

Fire hydrant painting and colour-coding

Flow testing to NFPA 291 guidelines

Fire hydrant testing and inspection as required annually by the Ontario Fire Code


Broken Fire Hydrant?

We can repair and replace damaged or broken fire hydrants in Mississauga so that your safety is ensured.

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