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Professional Fire Hydrant Repair in Niagara Region

If you are looking for fire hydrant repair in the Niagara region, make sure that you reach out to L&D Waterworks Inc. We have 15 years of experience working in the waterworks industry with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform repairs, maintenance, installations and inspections on fire hydrants of nearly all makes and models. It is important to keep fire hydrants in working conditions as they are a major part of the defence against accidental fires. You should get regular maintenance and repairs for your fire hydrants to ensure safety. 

We serve residential, commercial and municipal clients in all of the Niagara region. Call us to know more about the various services we offer.

Reasons You Need Fire Hydrant Repair in Niagara Region

Call us to get your fire hydrant repaired if one of the following occurs:

Hydrant caps are worn out, rusted or have obstructed threads

Water accumulates in barrels due to a leaking valve

Leaking valves and clogged or damaged drain valves

Flush fire hydrants every year with the main valve and any outlet valves fully opened

Our Fire Hydrant Services in the Niagara Region

We can help you if you are in need of any of the following services:

Post indicator inspection and repairs

Fire hydrant testing and inspection as required annually by the Ontario fire code

Fire hydrant repairs and replacements

Fire hydrant painting and colour-coding

Flow testing to NFPA 291 guidelines


We Are There for You

With us, you get 24-hour emergency services for anything related to fire hydrants.

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